Plastic Surgeon’s Profile

Dr. Surindher is a well known plastic surgeon in Bangalore and the South of India. He’s received numerous awards for his work in Cleft lip and reconstructive surgery. He’s highly experienced in microsurgery however over the years has taken a special interest in cosmetic and Aesthethic surgery.

Being a board certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Surindher practice has seen him perform over 8,000 cases to date and climbing. He believes that cosmetic and aesthetic surgery is about beautiful natural looking results to enhance your natural features. He has a sharp aesthetic eye and has been responsible for transforming a lot of  up and coming actresses and models.

Dr. Surindher pioneered the thread lift technique that he uses as an alternative to face lifts and is a minimally invasive technique with lower recovery time. Which has become extremely popular amongst those working professionals who are looking for a lift without to much down time.

Dr. Surindher or Dr. Suri as he is affectionately known loves travelling and a cold beer, good music and even plays the lead electric guitar.