About Body By Design Vacations

BBDV was started about 5 years ago with the demand for travellers going to India for Cosmetic and other Medical Procedures. BBDV is an Australian based company and we are here to provide you with all the information required to make an informed decision regarding travelling overseas for surgery.

We understand that travelling overseas can be daunting and that too to India. However, we have chosen to work particularly in Bangalore due to its technological and medical advancements and expertise in several fields of medicine. We believe Bangalore is a hidden gem for medical tourism and has been quietly frequented by travellers for many years with excellent outcomes and results. The Indian hospitality coupled with their skill and expertise is second to none and something that BBDV have taken pride in working with.

BBDV is known for providing a tailored service that is personalized for your needs. We are known for providing an excellent OP service and have had many referrals from the experience of our clients’ trips to Bangalore, India. 

At BBDV, our main concern is safety and information and the well being of our clients. We ensure that family back home is kept up to date on your progress whilst you are away and we take care of all your needs while you are away. 

How we work?

To get the process started we ask that you fill out an enquiry form for us so that we can do an evaluation for you. This would assist us in knowing which elements of your travel you would like to do alone or whether you would like us to manage the whole thing for you.

Many of our clients choose to travel with a partner or a friend. Sometimes, they choose to travel alone for privacy reasons. If you tell us what you are looking to do then we can arrange your travel accordingly.

We have group tours to India which many of our clients usually opt for and at present we limit the group tours to 5 per group so that it enables us to provide you with utmost care and attention without any compromises.

Our Specialization

Cosmetic Surgeries
Hip & Knee Replacements
Dental Surgeries
Heart Surgery